Project Overview

Project Lead: Scott Brown

The ADA Labs Pathway Project aims to expand staff and student engagement with the world-leading research labs across the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA). The project facilitates student engagement with academic-led projects from across the faculty that also align with the research priorities of one of the ADA labs.

Through an EOI process, the Innovation Hub has selected five small research projects that align with one of the ADA Labs. For each project, the Chief Investigator takes on a mentorship role with their nominated student (Undergraduate, Honours and Postgraduate Coursework) who has the aptitude and drive necessary to build professional working patterns and thrive in research environments.

In addition to academic mentorship, students also receive technical mentoring from an active researcher within the ADA Lab that they are partnered with. These technical mentors (late-stage PhD students or above) provide students with an introduction to a high-performing research environment and support lab-specific skill development required for their project. 

The ADA Labs Pathway Project provides research labs with the opportunity to expand access and understanding by attracting staff and student engagement, while also identifying the possible suitability of students for future research candidature. The pathway projects are directly linked to larger existing research with real-world outcomes and provide students with both the experience and the portfolio materials required for future applications to research candidature. 

EOI’s for the 2022 ADA Labs Pathway Project have now closed, however there will be further opportunities to get involved in 2023 and beyond.

If you would like to know about the ADA Labs Pathway Project please email: Attention: Scott Brown, ADA IH LPP