Massive Action Sydney (MAS)

Massive Action Sydney (MAS) is part of a global multidisciplinary Massive Action movement led by international thought leader and designer Bruce Mau and his Massive Change Network  that draws on our collective power to design a better future, now.

The Massive Action Sydney movement led by the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture, UNSW Sydney is five projects that we are seeking collaborators, partners, and sponsors for. You can find a short video introduction to each of these projects by clicking on the project tiles below, along with a project overview and introduction to our current project teams.

If these projects peak your interest, please join us for our Massive Action Sydney Unconvention, Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Massive Change is not about the world of design; it’s about the design of the world. Bruce Mau

Massive Action Sydney Philosophy

This decade is considered make-or-break for protecting nature and preserving life on earth. The stakes are high as the future is “turbulent, unpredictably uncertain, novel and ambiguous” (IMF). We know that the challenges and opportunities are complex, hyper-connected, and consequential. How we navigate them and how we act will determine the quality of life for future generations.

Today’s complexity therefore demands radically new ways of thinking and collaborative action. Massive Action Sydney provides this ecosystem to accelerate change and impact for the greater good.

Our goal is to explore, reimagine and redesign solutions to critical challenges of our time - the climate crisis, mental health crisis and equity and inclusion – using innovative approaches to create movements of people collectively and creatively collaborating.

Through creativity, collaboration and inclusion, we seek and solve problems to improve life on earth.
Vision Statement, Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture

Unconvention 2024

MAS Projects

What if we radically transformed our approach to mental health?

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What if you changed your mindset from what you can get to what you can give?

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What if we shifted common sense to support more restorative ways of being? 

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What if the media empowered us to combat climate change?

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What tools do we need to become more responsible designers and changemakers?

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Unconvention Experience

We want to do things differently.

The 2024 Unconvention is a new, exciting event that invites interested industry, government, and communities to engage and partner with our Massive Action Sydney movement.

The Unconvention experience includes inspirational speakers Bruce Mau, Kevin Finn, Claire Annesley and Steve Lennon along with interactive sessions where we want YOUR thoughts on how we turn the Massive Action Sydney movement from ideas into reality. 

Throughout the day you will meet the five Massive Action Sydney project teams and interact with their project developments and prototypes thus far. There will also be opportunities to meet and mix with other industry, government and community voices as we collectivise to create Massive Action.

Photo Highlights


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Massive Change Network

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Dean, Arts, Design & Architecture, UNSW Sydney

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Founder of TheSumOf, TEDx speaker and author of “Brand Principles: How to be a 21st Century Brand"

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Strategist, a changemaker, a storyteller and an adventurer.
Global Client Services Director at GHD Digital.

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The 2024 Unconvention will be held in the famous Roundhouse at the heart of the University of New South Wales’ campus in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

An iconic venue, beloved by event organisers, the local community and concert goers since 1961.