Project Introduction

Project Overview

What tools do we need to become more responsible designers and changemakers?

As designers we have a responsibility to make informed choices that contribute to the sustainment of life. To consider the broader ecosystems and local contexts in which we are participating and designing into. In Australia, it is our imperative to engage with First Nations perspectives and knowledges as part of this process. 

Last September during Massive Action Sydney, we relied heavily on the contributions of three First Nations collaborators who moved between project groups sharing their insights and expertise. Having seen the cultural load placed on these individuals it became clear that we also need to carefully consider how we engage these perspectives.

So how can we be more proactive and intentional designers? And how can we educate ourselves and expand our worldview and knowledge base without adding to the cultural load of others?

We propose ‘re-situ’ - a digital platform that connects and informs designers and change makers to First Nations perspectives. A living and evolving body of knowledge, grounded in place. A platform that brings the local context to the forefront and aids a process of unlearning and relearning.  

Let’s build the tools for a more informed and responsible generation of designers and changemakers.

Let's connect and collaborate to..

  • Create a new learning tool
  • Challenge and strengthen our concept
  • Identify experts to inform and build a prototype
  • Form partnerships for pilot testing

Project Team

Project Co-Lead

Charlotte Adams is a graphic, experience designer and marketer passionate about critical thinking in contribution to public, systemic, life-centred design projects. 

She lives and works on the land of the Cammeraygal people of the Eora Nation. Charlotte is dedicated to finding methods to incorporate considered, empathetic, life-centred design practices into all industry sectors. She believes in the power of design to drive positive systemic change through diverse multidisciplinary collaboration. She intersects her knowledge of Marketing and business fundamentals from her Bachelor of Commerce with her design disciplines (graphic and experience) studied in her Bachelor of Design to achieve these goals. 

Project Co-Lead: 

Bronte Contador-Kelsall is an interdisciplinary designer living and working on the unceded land of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples. She is passionate about creating positive social change and impact, and believes that design is a powerful tool to achieve this.

In her current role as a creative strategist, she employs co-design and collaborative practices to drive transformation in the public sector. Bronte approaches her work, and life more generally, with an open and curious mind; eager to listen, reflect, question, and explore the possibilities that arise.

Project Facilitator

Emma Mills is a Sydney based designer, with 25 years’ experience in industry. She is one of the founding directors of nero+rossi design studio, a creative agency offering innovative design services to Australia’s top tier companies through an understanding of the corporate brand.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Design from UNSW Art & Design and returns to her alma mater as an Associate Lecturer, teaching numerous courses across both the under-graduate and post graduate design degrees.

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