After doing an internship in business analytics, Amanda K Nabilla knew exactly what career she wanted. She chose to study a Master of Commerce majoring in Business Analytics with UNSW Business School for the flexibility it offers and the wide range of courses, but also because it is specialised.

"The Business Analytics courses are taught with a tool called SAS, which is one of the most-known analytical software tools in my home country. Not only did I get to learn courses with the right tool, but the certification helped me land my current role," she says.

Amanda is a Segment, Wealth, and Funding Analytics Specialist for CIMB Niaga, Indonesia's 5th largest bank. Her company is known for being the first to offer banking services through ATMs in Indonesia.

"On my first day of work, I had no difficulties in accessing and using SAS, because I had used it before. My skills and knowledge definitely added value to my current role, and helped me to transition from being a master's student to a business analyst very smoothly, as the skills that I gained fit the role perfectly," she says.

It is so nice to feel that you know what you are doing, simply because the role aligned with what you had learned before.

Amanda K Nabilla,
Master Of Commerce (Business Analytics)
Segment, Wealth, And Funding Analytics Specialist,
CIMB Niaga

Amanda says that she loves being part of the growing trend of women pursuing technical careers.

"Business analytics skills are highly needed in many industries, yet not a lot of people have the access to study business analytics materials and courses," she says. For people undertaking postgraduate studies, Amanda advises them to be curious, join societies and attend as many Business School events as possible.

"The experiences not only help you to enhance your communication skills, you also get to learn from people that are highly experienced in their respective areas. My business communication skills improved a lot by attending these events, which helped me in doing my current role," she says.

Amanda was active within the Graduate Student Association and attended many of their events.

"The networking event specifically helped me to sharpen my communication skills, and I got to know further insights in analytics industry. I also attended many seminars and events held by the Business School that would help me expand my knowledge or gain new skills. For example, I attended the UNSW Google Ads x Certification event to know more about Google Ads and its features," she says.

The combination of studies with industry insights and connections gave Amanda the technical and interpersonal skills needed for her current role.

"It also helped me to open a lot of opportunities that I've never thought of before. All in all, the experience was very fruitful and amazing," she says.

"As I am enjoying my current role, I would love to enhance my skills further by learning data science next! I also have a plan to pursue a doctoral degree sometime in the future, the possibilities are endless."

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