The Business School is not only a leading business faculty in Australia, but we also celebrate diversity as one of our greatest assets.

This means we make sure all our students and staff feel valued and supported. Check out some of the ways we celebrate our students and staff.

LGBTQI+ community

UNSW Business School works to build a safe and inclusive environment for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

This includes an official network for people who identify as LGBTIQ+, or as allies.  

“The LGBTIQ+ network is an amazing initiative and it needs to be supported and promoted because forming those connections and allies are very important for people to feel safe,” Kaus Trivedi, a UNSW student, and EDI Committee member said. 

“I have made meaningful connections through my LGBTIQ+ network and they have always guided me through my professional journey as an out and proud individual.”

As well as having established an official network, we continue to raise awareness and come together for the LGBTIQ+ community, celebrating important days and events such as Wear it Purple Day and Diversity Week.

Indigenous engagement

We are passionate about empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to study business at UNSW. 

This support starts at pre-university stages, all the way to graduation and beyond. From the Winter School programs for high school students to our innovative Indigenous Prep-Program, Indigenous executive education programs and dedicated Indigenous scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. We’re there for our students at every stage of their university journey, working closely with Nura Gili and other partners.

We also engage with the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, thought leaders, academics and researchers. 

Visit UNSW Business School Indigenous Engagement for more information.

Women in business

At UNSW Business School we ensure women have pathways and support mechanisms to be empowered in business.

If you're a woman studying in the Business School, you can join several female-orientated student societies such as Capital W and the Women in Technology Society. These societies hold regular networking nights with industry and give you the opportunity to explore the options available to you as a woman in business. 

We also provide ‘Women in Business’ programs at all levels. This ranges from school programs to women leadership programs and mentoring. 

The inaugural Girls in Business – High Risk to High Tech Winter School is an immersive winter camp designed for girls in years 10 and 11. The program helps girls explore a possible future in the Information Systems and Actuarial industries.

The three-day residential consists of hands-on-workshops, group tasks, site visits and networking opportunities with current UNSW Students, UNSW Alumni and Industry Professionals. The program hopes to inspire the next-gen of female leaders in those specialties.

These are just some of the ways UNSW Business School promotes diversity and inclusion to foster a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all. 

We continue to work with students and community members on our initiatives and how to celebrate diversity across the university in new and more effective ways.

For more information visit UNSW Business School Equity, Diversity & Inclusion