Dr Greig Taylor

Dr Greig Taylor

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School of Management and Governance

Dr. Greig Taylor is a Lecturer in the School of Management and Governance at UNSW Sydney and a member of the Industrial Relations Research Group at UNSW Canberra. He received his PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2014, which explored labour relations in the British dock industry from a historical perspective. In his academic career so far he has taught a variety of courses including Human Resource Management, International Human Resource Management, Leadership and Decision Making, Cross Cultural Management and Research Methods at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His broad areas of academic research interest involve the sociology of work, trade unionism, labour history, critical management studies, cross-cultural management, and political economy.  Current research projects include an analysis of the efficacy of contemporary Australian port reform, international union cooperation in the dock industry, and transference of HR practices from HQ to emerging economy subsidiaries in the car manufacturing industry.  His research has been published in Labor History, Labour History Review, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and Cross-Cultural and Strategic Management (among others).  Recent research output was nominated for the American Psychological Association’s prestigious Abraham Maslow 2021 award for existential philosophy. 

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Greig serves on the Editorial Board of Labor History and Economic and Labour Relations Review.

My Teaching

Greig is currently Lecturer-in-Charge for International Human Resource Management at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels (MGMT 5949/3702) and Lecturer-in-Charge for Managing Across Cultures (MGMT 2102).