Lifelong friendships, career connections, new networks, special events and business insights - the world widens when you get involved in your alumni network.

Alumni Relations doesn’t just support graduates. We believe all our students are alums from day one. That means as a student and future graduate you are part of an expansive community of over 80,000 alumni the moment you step foot on campus. Being part of this special network will provide you with unique opportunities throughout your student years and beyond.

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UNSW Business School student with her partner certificate

The UNSW Business School Career Mentoring Program pairs the School's most ambitious business students with accomplished alumni and industry partners for a fifteen-week mentorship.

The UNSW Business School Alumni Advisory Board members volunteer their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to drive deeper and broader graduate engagement.

From ground-breaking entrepreneurs to inspiring change-makers in the not for profit sector, the career of a UNSW Business School and AGSM graduate is always fascinating.