Learning to network at UNSW Business School armed Genevieve Castelino with the skillset and tools to apply herself in the workplace.

The importance of networking is something I really took away from uni … I took advantage of each and every opportunity that I came across

Genevieve Castelino
Master Of Professional Accounting (Extension)

The Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) alumna said the Graduate Student Association (GSA) opened many doors for her.

GSA is a student run organisation which is affiliated with UNSW Business School that, “Provides a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Through the Graduate Student Association, she attended GSA Insider - which was a game-changer.

GSA Insider offers students the opportunity to gain industry and career insights on a more personal level with senior leaders from a broad variety of disciplines and industries.

“You get to learn more about the industry, what employers are looking for when they hire new graduates. I found it very insightful especially since I was looking for a role myself” Genevieve said.

Whether you are doing an assignment with a couple of classmates, or talking to a lecturer, Genevieve recommends students to engage themselves as much as they can.“You get back what you put in … (Don’t) wait for something to happen to you, you make it happen.”

Genevieve is now a consultant at Grant Thornton and UNSW Business School provided her with the skills and tools to apply herself in this workplace.

“If I was going to make the move across the country to study something in a completely new environment, I knew this was the right place to be.”

She said programs such as Alumni Connect help you stay tethered even after you graduate, it’s a community you rely on with likeminded alumni who enable your growth.

“There is a connection you go back to, and there is always something new to learn.”

Unlock your full potential and meet industry professionals at UNSW Business School.