Tiffany Cheung

Bachelor of Commerce (HRM)

Her friends had told her about UNSW. There, they had made lifelong friends, could balance study with work or internships, and had found great jobs at reputable companies.

Tiffany wanted the same experience. As soon as she knew she wanted to study Commerce, Tiffany also knew she wanted to study at UNSW. It helped that she also thought the Kensington campus was beautiful!

At first, Tiffany wasn't sure what work she eventually wanted to do - and there are many options when studying Commerce. But she enjoyed the Human Resource Management (HRM) courses most of all.

"Each of the HRM courses allowed me to learn a different area of human resources from quality teachers in the field who shared their experiences and made HR very interesting!" she said.

Tiffany also took on two internships during her degree, working with the Human Resources teams at IBM and Bayer. The placements brought her education to life, as the theory from her classes played out in the real world.

Outside of her studies, Tiffany was deeply involved in the student community. She joined many societies including Business Society, 180 Degrees Consulting, Campus Bible Study, Capital W and Management Society.

"If it wasn't for societies, there would be a lot of university life that I would have missed out on, and lots of amazing people I wouldn't have had the privilege to meet."

After graduation, her networks directly led to Tiffany landing a job as an HR Administrator. The combination of her degree, internships and friendships ensured her success. She is now a People Partner at Accenture Sydney.

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