Jessica Croker

Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law)/ Bachelor of Law (International Relations) 2018

Jessica knew that she wanted to study Commerce and Arts, but wasn't sure what subjects to major in. She could genuinely experience different areas of study without having to lock in a major in the first year of the UNSW Business School Bachelor of Commerce. Jessica knew Business Law was her major after enjoying classes with an experienced and engaging lecturer.

A vibrant student life was important to Jessica. She joined the Business Society and also became the Sponsorship Director of the Arts Society.

"Being a part of a student society is great for meeting new people at University, but also offers you invaluable professional development opportunities, especially if you take on a subcommittee or Director role," she said.

In class, Jessica's lecturers encouraged collaboration and engagement with people who had differing perspectives on topical issues. This built her skills in analysing situations from different angles - a crucial skill in the world of business law.

When job hunting, Jessica found that employers were looking for efficient communicators and collaborators, who were engaged with topical issues that affected the market, and who could demonstrate critical thinking skills.

In the interview process following her successful application, Jessica drew from her time in class as well as her work in the Arts Society. This led to her role as an International Tax Consultant with KPMG.

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