Fei Huang

Fei Huang

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business
School of Risk and Actuarial Studies

Courses open for Sandbox partnership

Actuarial Data Science Applications

Course Overview

This course covers the actuarial professional associateship syllabus for the data analytics process. It combines data analytics and modelling concepts with the practical applications of modern analytical tools and techniques, as well as their actuarial applications. This course covers the key iterative steps involved in building a model - business understanding, data understanding and preparation, modelling, evaluation, communication and deployment. Particular focus will be on the selection of appropriate predictive modelling techniques for a stated situation and how to evaluate the suitability of a model, taking into account business context and objectives, as well as on the communication of modelling results to a range of business decision making audiences.

Student Profile

Undergraduate final year and postgraduate students

Expected Enrolment


Course Start Date

T3 2024

Areas of Expertise

Data Science, Insurance, Ethical AI

Looking for Partnership in:

Developing solutions for business problems using data science (statistical machine learning) techniques