Current projects & network opportunities

Current Projects & Team Members

Health@Business in partnership with UNSW Medicine currently has 14 projects underway. These projects provide an indicative outline of the types of collaborations that we are capable of in fostering health care outcomes.

Research team


  • Anurag, Sharma (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Jackson Chris (Management)

Setting the table for change: Encouraging consumers to spend more on healthy food and less on sugary drinks

  • Buchan, Jenny (Taxation and Business Law)
  • Walpola Ramesh (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Sharma, Anurag (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Hoellerer, Markus (Management)

Who knows what’s in your medicine? Harmful excipients in medication and the overlooked consequences for public health in Australia

  • Dong, Songting (Marketing)
  • Reppermund, Simone (School of Psychiatry)
  • Jiang, Veronica (Marketing)
  • Meltzer, Ariella (Centre for Social Impact)
  • Shuptrine, Rebecca (EDI), 

Harnessing Virtual Reality for Disability Inclusiveness

  • Foster, Gigi (Economics)
  • Woolfenden, Susan (NSW Health)
  • Lingam, Raghu (Bright Alliance)

The Healthier Wealthier Families Fairfield (HWFF) program: Addressing child poverty through innovation in health care service delivery

  • Hall, John (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Sanders, Karin (Management) 
  • Lian, Teng (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Vuong, Kyle (Public Health & Community Medicine)

Regional & Rural NSW International Medical Graduates (IMGs) - career paths, CPD, work satisfaction and career intentions

  • Hanewald, Katja (Risk & Actuarial Studies)
  • Chenoweth, Lynn (Psychiatry)
  • Beard, John (CEPAR)
  • Liu, Zhixin (Stats Central)

Intrinsic capacity: Validation of a new WHO concept for Healthy Ageing

  • Harrison, Reema (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Schwarz, Gavin (Management)
  • Houng, Le-Dao (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Minbashian, Amirali (Management)
  • Walpola, Ramesh (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Chauhan, Ashfaq (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Richards, Ian (Clinical Excellence Commission)
  • Stern, Adrienne (NSLHD)
  • Allan, Juliane (WNSWLHD)
  • Kirkwood, Lea (Agency Clinical Innovation)

Translation and change: Embedding effective change management in health

  • Heslin, Peter (Management)
  • Taylor, Silas (Medicine)
  • Lim, Renee (Changineers)

Promoting wellbeing in the business coaching environment using AI-driven non-verbal communication behaviour (NVCB) analysis of interactions

  • Kayis-Kumar, Ann (Taxation and Business Law)
  • Deady, Mark (Black Dog Institute)
  • Noone, Jack (CSI)
  • Walpole, Michael (Taxation and Business Law)
  • Harvey, Samuel (Black Dog Institute)
  • Mackenzie, Gordon (Taxation and Business Law)
  • Lin, Youngdeok (Accounting)

Improving mental health outcomes for small businesses in financial distress

  • Land, Lesley (SISTM)
  • Chenoworth, Lynn (Psychiatry)

Exploring Adoption and Functional Outcomes of Technology in Persons 60 years and above

  • Meyer, Lois (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Dhaenens, Andrew (Management)
  • Harrison, Reema (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Pervaz, Iqbal Maha (Public Health & Community Medicine)

Mapping Health Leadership Mentoring Relationships as a Diagnostic Tool to Support Change Management

  • Mo, Ce (Jacky) (SISTM)
  • Concha, Oscar Perez (Centre for Big Data Research in Health)
  • Yu, Ting (Marketing)
  • Tania, Bucic (Marketing)

Improving health care delivery by bridging the knowledge and skills gaps for health professionals in applied business analytics

  • Ortmann, Andreas (Economics)
  • Chambers Georgina (Centre for Big Data Research in Health)
  • Keller, Elena (Centre for Big Data Research in Health)
  • Jorm, Louisa (Centre for Big Data Research in Health)

Economics experiment exploring the demand for fertility treatments

  • Seale, Holly (Public Health & Community Medicine)
  • Shinkle, George(Management)
  • Jackson, Chris  (Management)

Examining new ways to improve immunisation uptake amongst culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) individuals: identifying new actors to promote acceptance and uptake

Network opportunities

With this focus, the group can generate possible interest or needs based projects by working alongside streams to generate sector- or hospital-specific driven projects. These initiatives could include several themes such as:

  • Organizing hospitals for VUCA Integrated way of understanding how the components of health care can work together to balance change [Streams: Behaviours/Economics]
  • Commercializing healthcare e-medicine, taxation and patent management, innovating beyond care, medical device commercialisation [Streams: Services/Economics]
  • Promoting wellbeing beyond the hospital space