The Industry Experience Program is a unique, for-credit opportunity, designed in collaboration with our network of partners and employers. Internships are an effective way to stand out in a competitive job market. Prospective employers are looking for graduates who can easily transition into the workplace, so the experience gained via internships is invaluable. 

In this course, you will combine practical work experience with academic workshops and formal assessment tasks throughout the term to develop your professional skills and understand more about your company's culture and values and the industry it operates in.

There are two ways you can join this course:

1. UNSW-sourced internship:

All postgraduate Business School students have access to our exclusive internship opportunities from the Career Accelerator Job Board on BusinessConnect. Like other job boards, you can apply for opportunities that interest you. This is a competitive process against your peers, and if you are successful, you will be invited to interview with our industry partner. Career Accelerator has lots of tools and resources to help your application stand out from the crowd.

If you are a postgraduate Business School student and cannot access the job board, please email

As enrolment is restricted, you can’t enrol yourself into this course. Once your placement is secured and approved on BusinessConnect, the UNSW Business School will enrol you into the course.

2. Self-sourced internship:

COMM5022 is a unique model that allows you to gain recognition for a self-sourced internship.

Internships need to fit into an academic term to be eligible for course credit so there’s just a few things to check before you submit an application for the course. An internship is eligible if the position is relevant to your degree and approved by the UNSW Business School.

Things your employer should know:

  • This is an academic course and you will need to complete academic assignments and workshops on top of your practical work at your internship
  • You are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours in placement during the term period
  • You are required to have at least one 30-minute meeting a week with your supervisor, and two formal 1 hour meetings at the beginning and end of your placement

Your company must agree to abide by the UNSW Work Integrated Learning Core Terms here and they are required to approve your placement before you are enrolled in COMM5022.

Let your supervisor know they will receive an email from the CA team verifying the position, then a second email from the Business Connect platform where they need to sign in and complete the WIL Agreement to approve your placement. Please note that you must provide a work email for your supervisor, and they must be able to communicate with us in English.

If your employer has any questions about the process, they can contact

  • Placement and Application closing dates:




    Applications are due by:

    Term 1 2024

    12th February

    19th April

    29th January

    Term 2 2024 27th May 2nd August 13th May
    Term 3 2024 9th September 15th November 26th August
  • You are eligible for this course if you:

    • Have completed a minimum of 24 UOC
    • Are in good academic standing
    • Have completed Career Accelerator: Essentials (COMM6000). Login using student enrolment key: Career_Accelerator

    Important: Self-sourced internships must be relevant to your degree and approved by the UNSW Business School as meeting the relevant learning outcomes for the unit of study. 

    This course may count as a UNSW Business School Elective or alternate Capstone. It is your responsibility to ensure this course will count within your program requirements. It is recommended you refer to your program handbook and the progression plans to understand your current progression and program. Please contact your School to confirm if it is accepted as an alternate Capstone.

  • Your self-sourced internship application must include:

  • Assessment is satisfactory (SY)/unsatisfactory (FL) according to the standard UNSW scale.

    • Company profile report 15%
    • Professional report 35%
    • Questioning journals 40%
    • Placement deliverables 10%


Please consult the most up to date UNSW Handbook for full course details.

For further enquiries, please email us.