Writing your resume can be an intimidating experience. Where do you start? How do you know what employers are looking for?

What if you could get expert feedback on your resume or LinkedIn profile - instantly?

Career Accelerator’s free AI-powered Resume Checker and LinkedIn booster scores you on key criteria that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

You can also ace your interview prep with Mock Interview and Elevator Pitch modules.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be a top candidate, follow the links below to explore these resources.

Resume Checker 

Resume Checker (SMART Editor) is an online tool you can access anytime, anywhere to get detailed real-time, personalised feedback on your resume and tips to improve it.

Once you are  ready for  feedback, sign into the Career AI platform with your student ID and upload your  document to Resume Checker to:

  • Receive your resume score based on presentation and impact
  • Get personalised feedback and guidance
  • Find out how to improve the impact of your skills, achievements and resume format

You can upload your resume 10 times per year to access feedback and example suggestions for improving your resume.

LinkedIn Booster 

LinkedIn Booster (Aspire) is a module within Career AI that you can access 24/7 to receive personalised feedback on your LinkedIn profile. 

If you have a LinkedIn profile, sign in to the Career AI platform with your student ID and upload your profile to LinkedIn Booster to:

  • Receive a score of your profile based on global best practices
  • Get personalised feedback on the content and look of your profile
  • Improve your search engine optimisation to ensure your profile stands out

LinkedIn Booster’s AI-powered technology identifies any gaps in your profile, and gives you tips on how to increase your chances of recruiters and hiring managers finding your profile.

Give it a go today!

Mock Interviews

Get interview ready with Mock Interviews! With customisable industry-specific or job-specific question sets, you’ll get instant feedback on your communication, body language and content to build your confidence and be ready for any interview.

Sign into the Career AI platform to get started.

Elevator Pitch

Unlock your potential in interviews with the Elevator Pitch module.  Practice interviews anytime, anywhere and get real-time feedback to help make a lasting impression on recruiters.

Sign into the Career AI platform to get started.