UNSW Business School has agreed the following protocol under which students may view their final exam script. This procedure applies across all disciplinary schools, without exception.

  1. A student must lodge a request to view their final exam script within 3 working days immediately following the official release of overall course results. This request must be lodged with the School / Lecturer.
  2. The exact person/person(s) to contact will be clearly communicated to students, in writing, in advance through course Moodle sites (or equivalent).
  3. The School / Lecturer will agree a time at which students wishing to see their exam scripts can do so (or may provide students access in other ways). When finalising a time, there will be regard for student access and availability considerations (such as time-zone differences when students are studying remotely and observance of student equity and inclusion guidelines).
  4. This information will be clearly communicated to students, in writing, by the School / Lecturer through course Moodle sites (or equivalent).
  5. Viewing of the exam script will be for a maximum of 30 minutes. This may take place under the supervision of the Lecturer or a nominated supervisor, where specified by the School.
  6. At the designated time, the student will:
    1. Be required to confirm their identify by either showing their student card or entering their credentials via an authenticated site, prior to being given access to the exam script; and
    2. At a minimum, be given their exam script, a copy of the exam questions and a mark scheme that shows marks allocated to part questions.
    3. Where available, a student may be able to view a detailed mark sheet, sample responses, or answers to questions.
    4. Wherever possible, students will be permitted to view their marked answers to multiple choice questions, but in exceptional circumstances this may not be possible. This restriction to clause 6 will be clearly communicated to students, in writing, by the School / Lecturer through the relevant course Moodle sites (or equivalent).
  7. At the designated viewing time, the student must agree to:
  8. Not copy or photograph any part of any document provided; and
    1. Not use recording software and/or devices to capture any aspect of the viewing.
  9. Students inspecting their exams will not be permitted at that time to discuss or dispute the marks allocated.
  10. If, after viewing the script, the student feels that there has been an error in marking, they may lodge a formal application for re-assessment in line with the normal University procedure. Note, an application for review of results on a final exam must be submitted no later than 5 working days from the date of release of results (see the ‘Your results’ page for further details).
  11. Records will be kept of all students requesting to view their exam scripts.