Academic Communication Essentials

At UNSW Business School you with a range of academic communication resources so you can thrive in your studies. Whether it’s tips on public speaking and presentations or learning how to write essays and use correct referencing, we’ll help you learn all the skills required to your best.  

Writing & Editing

You’ll learn to write in academic style, understand the cultural context of academic writing as well as the linguistic characteristics of academic writing and how it differs from spoken English.    

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This tool will help you learn what an essay is and how to write one, how to incorporate evidence from sources in your essay as well as how to structure an essay and determine the difference between exam essays and assignment essays.  

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Discover the kind of reports that you’ll be required to write in business and how they differ from professional reports. We’ll teach you how to structure a report, when to use headings and subheadings and what language should be used when writing a report.  

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Learn what makes a good literature review and how to classify different writings on your topic of choice. 

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What is a ‘case’ and what is your role as an analyst? This guide will teach you how to prepare and best present a case analysis. 

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Whether it’s editing for basic grammar, or coherence and cohesion, we supply guides that can be used to improve your writing and communicate your message as effectively as possible.  


Review our resources below that help students participate in tutorials, debates and oral presentations in UNSW Business School courses.  

Learn how to prepare for a debate, explore and analyse controversial issues and what role you’ll take within a debate team.  

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Watch a short video about how students make presentations in the UNSW Business School or read our guide to developing your skills and delivering your best. 

Make the most of your tutorials with a guide that identifies language functions and strategies involved in tutorial participation. 

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Referencing & Plagiarism 

Our handy tips and guides will ensure you can confidently acknowledge resources when paraphrasing, summarising and quoting, in order to avoid plagiarism when citing academic work.   

Learning Modules 

Write well; learn deeply is the EDU Moodle site which has up-to-date resources and materials you may find as valuable assistance to completing your assignments, projects and theses. They include concept and argument mapping, guides to using evidence, explanations and practice exercises on grammar, plus more. To access this site you need to: 

  • Log into Moodle 
  • Go to Moodle home (top right-hand corner) 
  • In Search, type: Write well; Learn deeply 
  • To enrol, use Student enrolment key: ASB_LTP