The World is Limitless When You Study Marketing 

From innovation and new product development to digital and marketing analytics, the world is limitless when you study Marketing. 

Marketing is essential to every business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It’s a dynamic function aimed at creating differentiation and competitive advantage for a company. The marketer’s role is to identify and understand the needs and wants of consumers; determine which sections of a market the business will target; design appropriate products, services and programs; develop communication to promote and publicise the goods and services of a business; and determine the most effective way to deliver the offerings.  

Every business wants to create customer satisfaction profitably by building valued relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, and the community at large. This highlights the vital role marketing plays within our society and in all contemporary businesses. 

Your Career Opportunities 

A Marketing specialisation can open pathways to roles such as: 

  • Advertising Assistant 
  • Brand/Product Coordinator 
  • Business Development Officer 
  • Market Researcher 
  • Consumer Insights Analyst 
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Media Liaison Coordinator 
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator 
  • Roles in fund-raising, promotions, and public relations