We have two speakers for the seminar.

1. Dr Thomas Britz, talking on Blending old and new: A tiny and obvious but very useful teaching technique.

I have had great success and enjoyment with a very small and obvious teaching trick,
which is to project suitably edited tutorial problems directly onto the blackboard.
This presents each problem clearly to the class; it saves time; it gives better precision in drawing;
and there is potential for some very slick and creative tutorial problem solutions.
This technique has worked very well in my tutorials, and together with the YouTube videos,
it allows the class and I to address just about all tutorial problems at a non-stressed
pace and in Socratic collaboration and discussion. I will very briefly demonstrate this technique and
look forward to hearing your ideas on how to improve it further. Do you have any similar or related ideas?

2. Dr David Angell, talking on Assessment for mastery learning in mathematics.

A method of assessment which has been used in MATH3521 and other subjects, and
which aims to ensure that students master the basics before attempting more
advanced work.


David Angell and Thomas Britz

Research Area

School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW.


Fri, 30/10/2015 - 4:00pm


RC-2063, The Red Centre, UNSW