For those of you watching in black and white: Making the most of online lecture recordings

Students increasingly rely on online recordings to supplement traditional lectures. This can be frustrating for the lecturer, but in fact students have many legitimate needs for these recordings, from unavoidable timetable  clashes to speaking English as a second language. At UNSW, most teaching venues automatically record lectures via the Echo360 system. In this short talk, I will describe some simple techniques for making the most of Echo360 to enhance the quality and effectiveness of online recordings --- with minimal effort. I will also describe some recent approaches to online lecture recordings currently being used at the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Quoc Le Gia, Engaging mathematics students with real time polling in lectures

Data suggests that students do not pay attention for more than 10-20 minutes during a lecture. We have taken an active learning approach in classes to keep students engaged using online real time polling via Google Forms. The questions on the short poll focus on one or two key topics in the lecture. The types of polling questions vary from simple multiple choice questions to solving some simple mathematical questions.


Shane Keating and Quoc Thong Le Gia

Research Area

School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW


Fri, 02/09/2016 - 3:00pm


RC-4082 (The Red Centre, UNSW)