The Science and Engineering Indigenous Preparatory Program is an immersive two-and-a-half-week course which teaches and refines participants’ knowledge in subject areas crucial to succeed in a Science or Engineering degree. The Program aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school leavers to enrol and thrive in a STEM degree at UNSW (it is free for students).

Throughout the program, participants engage in tutoring, mentoring and social activities to develop the skills, networks, and confidence to make the most out of university. Participants who successfully complete the program have a high chance of being offered entry into a UNSW Science or UNSW Engineering undergraduate degree.

This year will be the second time the School of Mathematics and Statistics is involved in the UNSW Science and Engineering Indigenous Preparatory Program (2019: Laure Helme-Guizon and Benjamin Bui. 2020: Laure Helme-Guizon and Amanda Michels). As expected, last year it was face-to-face and this year, it will be online.

If you are not familiar with the program or wondering what we did exactly for the Maths component, just join the talk!


Laure Helme-Guizon

Research Area

Learning and Teaching


UNSW Sydney


Wed, 25/11/2020 - 4:00pm



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