About the seminar

Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 2pm, online.

This second instalment (the first instalment from January 2022 is available here) briefly covers:

  • matrix factorisations
  • sparse arrays
  • plotting scalar-valued functions
  • polynomial fitting and root finding
  • random permutations and sampling
  • statistical functions
  • statistical distributions, sampling and fitting
  • creating and running a julia function
  • timing and benchmarking a julia function
  • reading and writing arrays to file
  • reading matlab and R data files
  • saving and loading julia data files
  • introduction to pluto notebooks (a reactive and interactive notebook)

The final item in the above list refers to the html file, which is a statically saved pluto notebook – you can open this attachment any web browser to view.

Such a notebook might be a suitable format for lecture/computing notes, or for student computing assignments/projects.

The html file contains all necessary julia code for you to download, run, and edit on your own computer, once you have installed julia and pluto (instructions are given by clicking on the "edit or run" button once you open the html file).


Gary Froyland


UNSW Sydney


Tuesday, 24 Jan 2023 - 2:00pm