Date: Thursday 31st August 2023


While elastic deformations of metals are well-understood, plastic deformation remains one of the main unsolved issues in materials science today. The reason for this is that plasticity is a multi-scale problem, where different processes on different time and length scales interact with each other.

My research focuses on the (main) micro-to-macro problem in plasticity, which is on how to describe the collective motion of a large number of atomic lattice defects. While this seems like a problem from engineering, I will show how we as mathematicians could be the ones to solve it. I will show how far my research has gotten to date and which challenges lie ahead. I look forward to any comments/advice from the audience.

I consider myself an applied mathematician, but my papers follow a rigorous theorem-proof style. I will briefly touch on the techniques that I apply:

- the calculus of variations (Gamma-convergence, gradient flows),

- viscosity solutions,

- functional analysis (space of measures, Wasserstein distance),

- probability theory (SDEs / particle systems).


Patrick van Meurs

Research Area

Applied Mathematics


Kanazawa University


Thursday 31st August 2023, 11 am


RC-4082 and online via Zoom (Link below; password: 907584)