2:00 pm, Wednesday, 10th July


The stochastic block model is a canonical model of communities in random graphs.  Given a sparse stochastic block model, the two standard inference tasks are: (i) Weak recovery: can we estimate the communities with non trivial overlap with the true communities? (ii) Detection/Hypothesis testing: can we distinguish if the sample was drawn from the block model or from a random graph with no community structure with probability tending to 1 as the graph size tends to infinity?  We show that the thresholds for these two phenomena coincide and that the two inference tasks are equivalent except possibly at a critical point.

Joint work with Elchanan Mossel and Youngtak Sohn.


Allan Sly 

Research area



Princeton University


Wednesday 10 July 2024, 2.00 pm


Room 4082 (Anita B. Lawrence Center)