If the policies of the School of Mathematics and Statistics in any way conflict with any University policy, then the University policy applies.

The University has a policy on special consideration and provides a guide to UNSW grades.

Grounds for Supplementary Exam or Additional Assessment circumstances, which are:

  1. The student misses the final exam through illness or misadventure. In this case the student must apply for Special Consideration following UNSW rules. Students must apply for Special Consideration via MyUNSW. The decision will be made by Student Central and you will be notified by them.
  2. The student is affected by serious illness or misadventure in the period leading up to the final examination or at the final examination in such a way that their performance at that exam is seriously affected and this is fully documented. The procedures to be followed by the student, the policy for accepting the application for special consideration and the outcome in terms of Additional Assessment are the same as for 1 above.

Taking supplementary exams

Students will be notified by the Exams Bracnch of when the Supplemetary Exam will be held. The Supplemetary Exam Period dates can be found here. It is your responsibility that you are aware of these dates and that you are available to attend should you submit a Special Consideration for the Final Exam.

The Exams Branch will contact each eligible student directly by email giving the time and location for all their Supplementary exams.

Supplementary Exams should not be expected to be easier than Final Exams and may be a different form of examination.