Students have a right to inspect their exams. The Faculty of Science has the right to set conditions under which this is done and has delegated this right to its individual Schools.  

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has set the following policy:

  • An application to see the exam must be made within 5 working days of the release of results.
  • Students are also able to apply for an "administrative check" instead of viewing the exam if preferred.  The check ensures that all sections of their final exam have been marked, and all marks and assessment task marks have been correctly entered into the calculation of the final mark.
  • The student must first register their request to see their exam or an administrative check, via email or via email to    
  • The Course Convenor will arrange a time for all students wishing to inspect their exams to do so; or provide advice on the findings after an administrative check has been done, if applicable.  The Course Convenor may refuse to allow access to the exams at other times.
  • At this designated time of viewing an exam, each student attending will be shown their exam, a copy of the exam questions and a mark scheme that shows marks allocated to part questions. They will not be given a copy of the detailed mark scheme. They will be allowed to inspect their exam under supervision for up to 30 minutes (on campus if applicable); up to 20 minutes online.    
  • They may not make any notes and must not record the material in any way. 
  • Students inspecting their exams may discuss their performance with the Course Convenor but will not be allowed to dispute the marks allocated.
  • If it is clear to the Course Convenor that an error in marking has been made, then this will be corrected, and the student does not need to apply for a re-mark.
  • If the student believes that an error has been made and the Course Convenor does not agree, then the student will need to formally request a Re-mark of their final exam paper, either in person or by email correspondence.

For some classes the above policy may be varied by the Course Convenor, with no expectation that these variations will be implemented in all courses.