Any individual course may have its own rules which are in addition to, or replace, these general rules.

The details will be in the Course Homepage and the Initial Handout for the course.

The dates for computing tests are announced in the Course Homepage and the Initial Handout for the course. These will not be changed (except in exceptional circumstances) without the approval of the class.

It is not normal for there to be additional tests provided for students who miss a computing test. See the special consideration section for more information on what to do if you suffer illness or misadventure.

All computing tests are held under UNSW exam conditions and are subject to the same rules

In addition, for Mathematics Computing Tests (in particular for First Year ones):

  • Only students who have booked for the particular computing test session will be allowed to sit the test at that time.
  • The student will sit the test in the Mathematics Computing Lab under exam conditions.
  • Student cards must be clearly visible at all times.
  • No writing materials are allowed.
  • The question paper is not to be kept by the student.
  • Only a file (or files) of the designated name(s) will be accepted and the last such file(s) saved by the student will be the only one(s) marked.
  • At the end of the test, all typing shall cease.

Tests will usually be marked and returned to the student (or made available for collection) within three weeks.

Any dispute over first year test marks should be taken up with the Lecturer in Charge of First Year Computing.