• For an outline of what is expected of you and what you can expect of your supervisor and the School, see the UNSW Graduate Research School, which contains guidelines and procedures for UNSW postgraduate research students. 

  • You can read about the research groups and research interests of staff for the Departments of Applied MathematicsPure Mathematics and Statistics

  • The UNSW Graduate Research School has information on thesis submission, plus a guide to Thesis Submission and Examination at UNSW.

  • Your supervisor and/or your co-supervisor will be an excellent source of academic advice. Other staff members with related research interests might be able to offer you advice as well. To find out what other staff members' research interests are, read about the research groups and interests in the School for the Departments of Applied MathematicsPure Mathematics and Statistics.

    You can also talk to the Postgraduate Research Director, or the Head of Department.

  •  Please see Grievances.

  • See Obtaining funding, which provides information about scholarships and other sources of funding for postgraduate research students.

  • Please see the Teaching Support Officer, Red Centre East, Level 3, Room 3088.