Academic requirements

To be eligible you need:

  • a high average over all mathematics courses at university; this includes first year and after first year;
  • familiarity with and confidence to teach the courses offered.

Applicants who hold a Doctorate are not eligible to apply.

Your application must include your academic record. See below under How to apply.

  • Tutors are paid at the Demonstration and Other Duties rate of  $54.29 per hour (based on 08/07/2022 pay schedule) . Further information regarding pay can be obtained from Hilda Cahya

  • You will be expected to be familiar with the course material being studied by the students. You will have access to the lecture notes available to refresh those fading memories, and to keep you up to date with the progress of the course. The tutorial course packs will be available at the Mathematics Drop-in Centre, Centre Wing, Red Centre Room 3064, Level 3.

  • All official communication between the Mathematics Drop-in Centre and tutors will be via email, at the official UNSW email address.

  • All tutors are expected to behave professionally towards students and abide by the University Code of Conduct.

  • The centre coordinators welcome any ideas or constructive criticism regarding the Mathematics Drop-in Centre. The main Mathematics Drop-in Centre webpage has an anonymous feedback form. Informal feedback is fine too. Any problems about other tutors or students should be referred to the centre coordinators.

  • Provide the following to Dr Alan Stoneham by email - with "Mathematics Drop-In Centre Application"  in the subject title, attaching and providing the following details:

    • A cover letter.
    • A copy of your CV including all relevant tutoring experience.
    • An official copy of your academic record (web printout is fine).
    • You should also list any courses from other tertiary institutions, and any marks which for some reason may not appear on your academic record. To be eligible, you need a high average over all of your mathematics courses at university.
    • A list of times when you are not available.

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Interviews are conducted once per term at least four weeks before term’s commencement. Applications for T2 are currently open until 24 April 2024. Interviews will be conducted before 30 April 2024. Applications after this date will be considered for T3 2024.