UNSW Business School Alumni Leaders are graduates who have a widespread reputation, they are leaders and innovators who have made an impressive impact on their field.

This specially selected group of senior business leaders represents the significant achievements of the Business School.

Membership is by invitation only and members are nominated by the Dean and senior academic staff for consideration by the Business School Advisory Council. Graduates are nominated for their sustained record of accomplishment, their national or international prominence, the difference they have made to their field and their exceptional professional and personal leadership skills. They may be entrepreneurs and innovators in business, government and academia.

Honorary Alumni Leaders include a small number of distinguished individuals who, while not graduates of the Business School, have made a substantial contribution to its growth, reputation and development.

Our Alumni Leaders are champions and ambassadors for the School, mentors and constructive critics and they participate in curricular and co-curricular programs. Alumni Leaders often give guest lectures for students and deliver graduation addresses, host seminars or chair panel discussions, sponsor new initiatives and get involved with alumni events. 

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