The industry connections made during Isha Miglani’s time at UNSW Business School led the alumna to landing her current role as a Film and TV Production Accountant.

When choosing a university to study with, The Master of Professional Accounting alumna knew she needed more than a degree, and ‘UNSW could provide her all that and more!’

“No single day is the same here. There are just so many activities and societies to choose from and participate in.”

The transition to full-time employment was a smooth process for Isha, because of the practical approach of her degree.

Isha took advantage of UNSW Business School’s Career Accelerator suite of opportunities and was part of its Career Mentoring Program.

“You are matched with industry professionals who guide and mentor you as you navigate during your time at University,” she said.

Isha participated in the Graduate Student Association (GSA), a UNSW Business School affiliate society, whose mission is to enhance students’ university experience through professional development and social events.

Through GSA, Isha took part in networking sessions which prepared and encouraged her to apply herself in the corporate world.

She built life-long relationships with her peers, professors and people she met through the networking events she participated in.

It was through one of these networking sessions wherein her mentor introduced her to her current organisation that she is now working as a Film and TV Production Accountant with.

For future students she suggests coming with an open mind, taking advantage of the resources and services offered and immersing themselves in the quality experiences that UNSW Business School and Australia has to offer.

“Immerse yourself in all of the experiences and not to stick to just studies; go out, engage and be part of the community!”

Isha Miglani

As a UNSW Business School alumna, "I get to be part of this large diverse community that is constantly thriving for innovation," she said.

Find your mentor, life-long friends, and unlock your dream career at UNSW Business School

Find your mentor, life-long friends, and unlock your dream career at UNSW Business School