The wholesale distribution industry plays a pivotal role in Australia's economy, bridging the gap between manufacturers and retailers. However, like many industries, it is susceptible to economic fluctuations, notably recessions. This project seeks to unravel the effects of recessions on Australia's wholesale distribution sectors, including Life Science, Information and Communication Technology, Motor Vehicles, and General Distributors. For a comprehensive perspective, the project will further contrast these effects with 1-3 other countries.

Its Significance

Economic downturns have a ripple effect on various industries, altering their operations, profitability, and sustainability. By understanding how recessions impact the wholesale distribution sector in Australia and comparing this to other countries, insights can be gained into the underlying drivers of such recessions and their broader implications for the global economy.

Expected Solutions

Thorough qualitative and quantitative research are needed to develop comprehensive reports and analyses. The research should explore: i) The broader impacts of recessions on the Australian and global economies.

An in-depth examination of wholesale distribution operations; ii) Comparative analysis of the effects on Australian wholesale distribution industries versus those in 1-3 other countries.

Seeking Partnership with experts in

Economic analysis, understanding on global business environment and Undergraduate first and second year students

Proposed Start Date

Term 1 2024

Company Name

PwC Australia


Open for Partnership