The sky is the limit for UNSW Business School’s Commerce and Economics student Saul Brady, who used his global work experience at a multi-national to discover his dream career.

Growing up in quiet regional New South Wales, Saul Brady didn’t know that jet-setting off to Jakarta Indonesia to up-skill at the multi-national Commonwealth Bank would be part of his UNSW Business degree.

For those who want to travel the world and learn hands-on skills out of the classroom whilst gaining their business degree, like Saul did, the Global Practicum is the ideal choice.

Throughout his time at UNSW Saul has been involved in a diverse range of career enhancing programs through the Business School’s Career Accelerator Program, the highlight being the Global Business Practicum (COMM3020) which Saul did during the Summer holidays.

 Through the program Saul had the opportunity to work in Jakarta Indonesia, at Commonwealth Bank.  Saul believes that the experience was a valuable way to build international experience, skills and perspective.

For four weeks Saul learnt hands-on skills in the retail banking division, working with a small-cross disciplinary student consulting team.

The team was given the task of undertaking a market analysis at Commonwealth Bank for the development of a new debit card, which included breaking down the product, analysing data to understand attractive customer segments, and then pitching their recommendations to management.

The international internship also played a paramount role in redetermining the trajectory of the UNSW student’s future career, steering him away from finance and towards management consulting.

 “That’s always good that kind of self-discovery. You’re not going to like everything you initially think you’re going to do. I am grateful that I was able to experience that and realise that maybe finance wasn’t where I wanted to go.”

Saul said he will be able to draw from the skills he learnt when he pursues a career in consulting after graduation.

“I really enjoyed that global experience, getting to see how things are done differently and challenge our perceptions and thoughts on banking from Australia to banking in Asia.”

Besides learning industry-leading skills in Jakarta, he also got to wind down and experience Indonesian culture.

He also got to spend the weekend in Bandung, which is a city set in the volcanoes and explore the tea plantations of West Java.

“It was a relaxing break from the chaos of Jakarta, and we got to explore some of the different cuisine there too - which was super spicy!”

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