Our workshops on digital sustainability include real-world case studies to promote the Hub’s concepts and visions. These fundamentals are delivered face-to-face and in hybrid mode, targeted to students mainly, as well as to staff members.

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Workshops on Digital Sustainability

This project intends to produce workshop contents to promote the Hub’s concepts and visions, as a primary goal, throughout students and staff members. These specific workshops can be based on Digital Sustainability fundamentals. Other workshops, with a lower priority, are also intended to disseminate the work produced by the Hub members, as well as involve other actors from UNSW and other universities that produce significant work and have projects within the Hub’s vision. The objective is to deliver workshops on Digital Sustainability fundamentals, face-to-face and in hybrid mode, targeted to students mainly, as well as to staff members. The workshops will include real-world case studies, with the possibility of having external business partners and industry leaders.


SDG Knowledge Information System for Business Schools

This project aims to design and develop a Knowledge Information System for business schools that maps the schools’ current education and research work against the 17 SDGs and 169 targets. The project is based on the elaborated action design research (ADR) approach. This project also uses affordance as a lens to explore the design of information systems that can assist digital sustainability and responsible information system.

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