What will the future workforce look like? What skills do I need to thrive?

Career Accelerator's Adaptive Futures (COMM5044) is a project based online practicum that investigates the many challenges faced by future workforces and the human capabilities - curiosity, creativity, empathy and courage - required to overcome them.

This course will allow you to develop the skills and capabilities needed for yourself and for organisations to remain successful in the ever changing global business landscape.

Adaptive Futures will be offered in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.

Applications for Term 1 are now closed. Application for Term 2 will open in early 2022. 

In this course, you’ll work in a small cross-disciplinary team to address a real-world problem affecting your client's future workforce. You will propose recommendations and solutions to their current and emerging business needs.

This course is delivered fully online and consists of weekly workshops, online modules and a minimum of three industry partner meetings.

Quite possibly! Adaptive Futures (COMM5044) is available to UNSW Business School students as an elective. It’s recommended you refer to your program handbook and the progression plans to understand your current progression and program.

To be eligible, you’ll need to:

  • Have a minimum of 18 UoC
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have completed Career Accelerator: Essentials (Student-enrolment key: Career_Accelerator)
  • Have space in your degree for this course
  • Have an up-to-date Linkedln profile with professional photo

Assessment is satisfactory/unsatisfactory according to the standard UNSW scale. Assessment tasks include: 

  • Reflection journal (40%) 
  • Kialo debate (15%) 
  • Team project (30%) 
    • Two-page report (10%)
    • Executive summary (5%) 
    • Presentation & Q&A to client (15%) 
  • Peer assessment (15%) 

As enrolment is restricted you're unable to enrol yourself into this course. The UNSW Business School will enrol eligible students who have been notified of their acceptance into this course.

Applications for Term 1 are now closed. Application for Term 2 will open in early 2022. 

Please note: If you’re undertaking this course as an elective, you must complete a progression check to ensure you have space in your degree.