Progression Plans

These progression plans are to be used as a reference only.

The plans are here to help you and should be used in conjunction with the UNSW Handbook so that you are aware of the program requirements. You will be able to map out what courses you have to complete in your degree.

Undergraduate Progression Plans

Not sure which major(s) to choose?

Then watch our Business School major videos here.

Use the Assessment Planner to create a To-Do-List for your enrolled courses in the current semester. The purpose of the Assessment Planner is to ensure you stay on track by being aware of all the assessment tasks in each enrolled course, the due dates and a To-Do-List to plan what needs to be done to complete the assessment(s).

Want some advice on your career choice?

  • Connect with our Business School Alumni via Career Accelerator to receive practical advice on how to get a job in their field, and insight into employers and industries.
  • Consult our Program Coordinators for specific queries about how the major(s)/specialisation(s) can match with your career choice.
  • Plan ahead by speaking with the UNSW Careers and Employment consultants, who will help you to find resources to help develop your career and link you with potential employers.
  • Search on to see where opportunities are most abundant, job descriptions, salary levels and the types of skills required from applicants.
  • Research on the Job Outlook website to identify industry employment trends and prospects.
  • Study the Deloitte 2016 Industry Outlooks for key opportunities, trends and challenges.