Industry Experience Program (COMM2222)

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The Industry Experience Program is a unique, opportunity (6UOC), designed in collaboration with our network of partners and employers. If you’re looking to grow your skills and discover the career opportunities a business degree can provide, the Industry Experience Program provides firsthand insight and experience.   

Course highlights

You will combine 120 hours of practical work experience at a company with online academic workshops and assessment tasks throughout the term to develop your professional skills and understand more about your company’s culture, values, and the industry in which it operates.

You will have support from academics and meet with your company supervisor each week

Please note

COMM2222 is not a self-enrol course.  To be enrolled, you must first secure an internship. There are two ways to secure an internship, either source an internship externally yourself, or look through COMM2222  Job Board and apply for positions that interest you.  

Once you have secured an internship, follow the instructions below to make your application on Business Connect, to have it be considered and if approved be enrolled.  

1. UNSW-Sourced Internship:

You can apply for opportunities that interest you on the Job Board (please email us for access if you cannot see the jobs). 

Upload your resume/CV to Business Connect so you are ready to apply (Click on your initials and select “My Documents”).

Apply for jobs and attend company interviews if invited to do so. 

If successful, you will receive an email to accept your offer. In your Business Connect profile you will be able to see the offer once it has been made. Once accepted, follow the instructions below to lodge your application.

    1. If you’ve accepted your UNSW-Sourced offer, then you should be automatically directed to step 3, or if not, click on Business Connect and login using your student zid via SSO. 
    2. Click on “Work Integrated Learning” tile. (Just below the sliding images)
    3. Click on “Add New” & complete the form, as best as you can. (The team will email you if they need further information). 
    4. For the last question “WIL Core Terms Agreement” Please select the box that says “Student - SELECT to send to Organisation Contact”
    5. Click Submit.  That’s it!
    6. Once all approvals are done, we will enrol you automatically into the course. Please make sure there is space in your program.  You cannot enrol yourself.
2. Self-Sourced Internship:

COMM2222 is a unique model that allows you to gain recognition for a self-sourced internship.  If you already have a paid or unpaid internship which you have sourced yourself, you can lodge your application on Business Connect to have your internship considered for approval.

Remember, you are required to complete 120 hours in placement during the term period, plus attend workshops and complete assessment tasks.

Follow the instructions below to lodge your application.

    1. Click on Business Connect and login using your student zID via SSO. 
    2. Click on “Work Integrated Learning” tile. (Just below the sliding images)
    3. Click on “Add New” & complete the form, as best as you can. (The team will email you if they need further information). 
    4. For the last question “WIL Core Terms Agreement” Please select the box that says “Student - SELECT to send to Organisation Contact”
    5. Click Submit.  That’s it!
    6. Wait to hear from us in case we require further information otherwise once all approvals are done, we will enrol you into the course.  You cannot enrol yourself.
Important dates:






Internship Commencement
Internship Completion
Applications due before
Term 3 2024 9th September 15th November 26th August 
Summer Term 2025 2nd January 2nd February 4th December



Please consult the most up to date UNSW Handbook for full course details.

For further enquiries, please email us.

What is the enrolment process:
  1. Secure an internship
  2. Lodge your application
  3. Career Accelerator will review your application
  4. If approved your manager/supervisor will receive an email to also approve.
  5. Once all approvals are done, we will enrol you into the course.  You cannot enrol yourself.
What your employer should know:
  • This is an academic course, and you will need to complete academic assignments and workshops on top of the practical work at your internship

  • You are required to complete 120 hours in placement during the term period. 

  • You are required to have at least one 30-minute meeting a week with your supervisor, and two, 1 hour meetings at the beginning and end of your placement

  • Your company must agree to abide by the UNSW Work Integrated Learning Core Terms

  • Once you have lodged your application, let your supervisor know that they will receive an email from the Career Accelerator team verifying the position, and approve the Work Integrated Learning Core Terms 

  • If your employer has any questions about the process, they can email our industry Engagement team via

Course Information

    • Have completed a minimum of 48 Business UOC by the commencement of the course

    • Have room in your degree for this course

    • Are in good academic standing

    • Have achieved a score in yellow or green zone for your "LinkedIn profile" on the Career AI platform (Aspire module)

    • Have completed COMM1999 myBcom OR have completed these short modules: Career Accelerator: Essentials (COMM6000) (Login using student enrolment key: Career_Accelerator)

    • Have not completed COMM3101 and or COMM3202

    • Are not enrolled in the Co-op Program

    How am I assessed?

    This course is graded on a Satisfactory (SY)/Unsatisfactory (FL) basis. Please refer to the Course Handbook and Course Outline for detailed assessment information.

  • Where can I learn new skills to help with my application?

    Career Accelerator offers UNSW Business School students resources to get you career ready, and upskill yourself so you can land your dream job.

    I need help with my CV and LinkedIn– what can I do?

    The Business School has an online resource with help from AI powered Resume Checker and LinkedIn Booster. to help you improve your CV and LinkedIn page. It will give you personalised tips based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices.

    Should I write a cover letter?

    Not all job board positions require a cover letter. If you need to submit one with your application, it will be indicated as a requirement.

    Should I contact the companies with my university email?

    Yes, we recommend using your professional university email when communicating with industry partners.

    What are your top tips for a successful interview?

    1. Prepare – research the company before your interview and have questions prepared.
    2. Be on time, if not early – this will set you up for a good start and you will not be stressed on arrival.
    3. Dress professionally – our partners are from a wide range of industries and will have different dress codes. If in doubt about what is appropriate, dress smartly, as it gives a good impression and it is professional.
    4. Know your resume – there is nothing worse than a candidate who does not know their own experience. Be prepared for the company to ask you questions about your experiences and have examples prepared.
    5. Relax and have fun – all interviews are good experiences, even if you do not get the outcome you want. Use these interviews as a chance to practice and become more confident and you will find that you will learn from each one.
  • What if I receive multiple offers?

    You should only apply for positions that you would be willing to accept. You have 2 business days to accept before your offer is rescinded, it is advised that you do not ‘hold out’ for potential offers from other organisations. 

    When will jobs be available on the UNSW job board?

    All currently available roles are listed on the Job Board, and new jobs are added on an ongoing basis as companies have new opportunities. Check back regularly so you don't miss out! Previous opportunities have included: Nestle, FCM Travel, synpulse Management Consulting and Circana.

    Are the roles paid?

    Most internships on the job board are unpaid, however some internships offered are paid and this will be communicated either in the position description or in your interview with the organisation.

    How many internships can I apply for?

    You can apply for as many roles as you are interested in however, we recommend only applying to those that you would accept regardless of which offer is received first. 

    How do I contact an organisation if I have further questions about the internship or the organisation itself?

    Some of the job postings will have a contact email address for the company – if this is listed, you are welcome to reach out and ask for more information. Remember to be professional!

    What is the deadline for accepting a role?

    Once an offer has been made on the Business Connect platform, you have 2 business days to log in and accept your offer. If you do not accept within 2 days, your offer will go to the second ranked candidate. You can login and check your pending job applications on Business Connect.

    Will companies reply to me when I make an application?

    As in the real world, not all your applications may be replied to. The organisations are not obligated to respond to unsuccessful applicants. You may wish to send a polite follow up email to the organisation 1 week after submitting your application as this will show that you are very interested in the role.

    I want to decline an offer, what should I do? 

    If you choose to decline an offer the correct professional behaviour that we recommend is that you promptly contact the company directly to thank them for the opportunity to advise and please cc Career Accelerator in the email.

    Can I change my mind once I have accepted a role? 

    Once you have accepted a role and created an application on Business Connect, you are expected to continue with that placement, even if you receive another offer later from a different company. We recommend letting the other organisations that you have applied to, know that you are no longer available once you accept a role, as is correct professional practice.

    Does this course fit in my visa and work allowance hours?

    Career Accelerator can’t give specific advice on visas. You can reach out to the Student Support Team who may be able to give you advice on how this course interacts with your work rights, or may direct you to somewhere that can answer your questions.

    What if I am based offshore? 

    If your internship placement is outside of Australia, then you can apply for Self-Sourced opportunities yourself from your current place of residence. However, this course will not count as an in-person course. Please bear this in mind when applying, as some student visas require a minimum amount of in-person courses each term. 

    Does COMM2222 have any academic requirements on top of the 120 hours of placement?

    Yes, this is an academic course, and you will need to complete academic assignments and workshops on top of the practical work at your internship.

    What do I do if there is a problem?

    If you experience a problem at your internship with one of our partner organisations, you should email us as soon as possible to notify of the issue. You should accept the advice of the University and follow the actions as suggested. Do not stop your internship but continue to meet all agreed upon requirements unless told otherwise by UNSW. If you need any support, please access the University support resources.

    What are the expectations from UNSW?

    As a representative of the University, yourself, and your employer, you are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct

    My role is unpaid, am I covered by insurance if something goes wrong?

    Yes. you are covered by the University’s Accident and Liability Insurance. If your employer requires a copy or has any questions they can contact

Student testimonials

After participating in the Career Mentorship Program, I was very keen to undertake some internships in order to further my practical education. COMM2222 presented the perfect opportunity.
I secured my placement at the ASIC with the Market Supervision team where I gained broad exposure to regulatory actions within Australian financial markets. The best part of the placement is the great amount of responsibility I have was given. It feels really great knowing what you’re working on is something substantial and that you’re making a real contribution to the team.
I definitely would recommend the program to everyone! It’s a great chance to start developing your professional network and your resume for future career opportunities!

Arthur - Australian Securities Investments Commission

I first heard about Industry Experience Program from a friend. Through COMM2222, I was able to land an internship at AFS Intercultural Programs Australia as its Accounting/Finance Intern.
I learned so much within a short amount of time and was able to improve my communication and time management skills within a professional environment. This program gave me the opportunity to learn how to use Accounting software in a practical setting and to actually put all the studies I learned in university, into practice.
I would encourage anyone who wants to get an out-of-classroom learning experience to try out this program.

Jessica – AFS Intercultural Programs