The most fulfilling careers are those that allow you to achieve success while creating a positive impact. This is the essence of the Social Entrepreneurship Practicum (COMM3030), a transformative opportunity delivered in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact (CSI). Available to all undergraduate students, this Work Integrated Learning (WIL) course equips you with professional skills and hands-on experience, so you can make a real difference while advancing your career.

Why Choose COMM3030?

  • Real-World Projects: Collaborate on authentic social entrepreneurship projects with industry leaders, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations.
  • Bridging Theory and Practice: Connect classroom knowledge with real-world application through engagement with respected partner organisations.
  • Skill Enhancement: Develop critical skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
  • Exploring Diverse Fields: Immerse yourself in areas like social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility, and more.

Upcoming Programs

  • Currently this program is on hold.  There are no applications available.

    During the Social Entrepreneurship Practicum in Nepal, you will work with female entrepreneurs who live in an impoverished area near Pokhara, Nepal, and are clients of our partner microfinance organization. In the process, you will be able to work on business problems that have a direct impact on female entrepreneurs’ capacity to leave poverty and find a sustainable source of living. You will receive support throughout this experience from an industry mentor, local students, your lecturer (who is Nepalese and has worked closely in microfinance), and the Career Accelerator team. 

    Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country with incredible cultural and religious diversity, a complex economic and political history, and a country with many contemporary challenges. This is a fantastic opportunity to build your cultural and global awareness, experience a new country, increase your employability skills by putting your skills into action, and have the chance to make a positive impact on communities located at the base of the pyramid. You will also have the opportunity to bond with other students who share a desire to learn business while making a social impact.

    Students will begin their journey in Kathmandu, the capital. They will spend the bulk of their time in Pokhara, located next to a large lake and near the Annapurna Mountains.


    As part of COMM3030 you are expected to attend 1 predeparture workshop in person. These workshops will include your team allocation, an introduction to your host company, and advice from industry or a local university, and an introduction to consulting methodologies to help you succeed. 

    Upon returning to Australia, you will attend a debrief session to reflect on your time overseas, provide feedback, and discuss how to articulate your experience for future career success.

    In-country placement

    During this course you are required to spend two weeks overseas in Nepal.

    Please note to be considered for COMM3030:

    • You must have a valid passport and visa (as required).

    • You must be based in Sydney during program dates.

    • You must be able to cover the cost of the Social Entrepreneurship Practicum (COMM3030) program fee, airfare, visa and living costs.

    • You must be able to attend the pre-departure workshops in person.

    • You must be able to travel overseas during the in-country placement dates.  

    Special consideration will be given for any potential clashes due to undertaking this course. 

    As enrolment is restricted, you're unable to enrol yourself into this course. The UNSW Business School will enrol eligible students who have been notified of their acceptance into this course.

    Industry hosts

    • Muktinath Development Bank provide microfinance services such as small loans without financial security to base-of-pyramid female entrepreneurs with the ambition to foster financial inclusion in unbanked and underbanked regions in Nepal. They have also received European Microfinance Award 2020. 

    • Students will collaborate with local students and industry mentors to understand the local business context and culture and develop strategies to enhance business operation and income of base-of the pyramid female entrepreneurs’ business ventures who are beneficiaries of microfinance organizations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently this program is on hold.  There are no applications available.

  • This program is currently on hold – no applications are available.

  • Program cost is $2500 which includes all program costs, orientation activities and accommodation.

    Course fees, airfare to and from the host country and living costs are separate and must be covered by you. 

    Domestic students may be eligible for travel grants valued between $2000 and $3000 through the Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Program. This is a competitive nomination process, and all applications are assessed on an individual basis.  

  • COMM3030 is available to UNSW undergraduate students enrolled in a single or dual Commerce, Economics, Actuarial Studies or Information Systems program.

    To enrol, you’ll need to have met the following eligibility requirements:

    • Completed a minimum of 48 UOC at the commencement of this course

    • Be in good academic standing 

    • Have room in your degree for this course

    • Have completed Career Accelerator: Essentials (login using student-enrolment key: Career_Accelerator) OR COMM1999 myBCom First Year Portfolio 
      - (if you’re NOT a UNSW Business School student please email us to receive access to the modules)

    This course may count as a UNSW Business School Free Elective OR as a major elective within some majors. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that this course will count within your program requirements. It’s recommended you refer to your program handbook and the progression plans to understand your current progression and program.

  • Assessment is graded and standard UNSW grades apply.

    • Individual (Before Departure): Project scope - 30%

    • Group Project Presentation (In country) - Project Presentation 30%

    • Individual/Peer Participation – 20% 

    • Individual Reflection Report - 20%

Join COMM3030 to create a better world through social entrepreneurship.


Please consult the most up to date UNSW Handbook for full course details.

For further enquiries, please email us.