UNSW courses should be utilised to complete the requirements of a student’s program wherever possible.

The faculty recognises, however, that circumstances may arise whereby this may not be feasible. In these circumstances cross-institutional study in another institution may be approved. Please be mindful that meeting all the eligibility criteria does not guarantee application approval.

Please note that courses completed on exchange are not considered in this protocol.

You can apply to undertake cross institutional study when:

  • a. By undertaking the equivalent UNSW course when next offered, it would extend the length of your program OR

Note: UNSW Business School does not include Summer Term as an expected term of completion for the purpose of CIS.

  • b. Extenuating circumstances prevent you from undertaking the equivalent UNSW course OR
  • c. The requested external study does not have an equivalent UNSW course and broadens your knowledge in your program core.

Note: Free Elective and General Education courses are not considered for the purpose of CIS

Where an alternative elective option is available at UNSW, students should consider these options first.

Your application for cross institutional study will only be considered if it meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • a. A undergraduate student has successfully completed at least 72 units of credit or a postgraduate student has completed a minimum of 50% of the units of credit necessary to complete the program.
  • b. Your academic standing is Good (except in extenuating circumstances and with the approval of the program authority)
  • c. The requested external study counts towards your program requirements.
  • d. You do not undertake more than 12 units of cross institutional study throughout your program.
  • e. You have not already been granted the maximum amount of advanced standing for your program

Things you need to know:

  • You must obtain approval from your Program Authority via submitting a Cross Institutional Study request before enrolling at another institution
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. Any applications not accompanied by the necessary documentation (e.g. detailed course outlines and a URL link to the host institution’s webpage) will not be processed.
  • In addition to seeking approval from UNSW via this form, you must also submit a formal cross institutional application to the institution with which you would like to study. Be aware that acceptance is not guaranteed
  • If you are concurrently enrolled at UNSW during the cross-institutional study period, the total UOC completed across cross-institutional study and UNSW should not exceed the maximum allowable UOC in that term.
  • The requirements of UNSW courses take precedence (e.g., with regards to timetable, assignments, exams, etc.). A clash in timetable is not grounds for special consideration or alternative assessment requests. You must ensure that you make appropriate arrangements if there is a clashing time between UNSW and host university.
  • There is no charge for this application.

Credit transfer

  • It is your responsibility to provide UNSW with the official transcript from the other institution, so that appropriate transfer credit can be recorded on your UNSW student record
  • Please note that online copies not submitted directly from Host Institutions may require further verification from the Host Institution prior to credit being awarded. You should allow up to 4 weeks for your transcript to be authenticated and credits to be posted.
  • Results from courses undertaken at another institution are not part of the calculation for the student’s Weighted Average Mark (WAM); only the credit weighting for the completed cross-institutional course will appear on the UNSW Academic Transcript.

Students who are completing cross-institutional studies overseas (including for a short course) should visit the International SOS site to register their travel and ensure they are covered by the UNSW Travel Insurance.