Professor Jin-Woo Park with Professor Brett Molesworth

Professor Jin-Woo Park

Alumni Career Story

Head of the Department of Aviation Management at Korea Aerospace University (KAU)

PhD, Aviation Management, 2005

Aviation alumnus Professor Jin-Woo Park was the first student to graduate with a PhD in Aviation Management at UNSW. For Prof. Park, UNSW was the most distinguished aviation management program available and the best choice for his post graduate study, commencing in 2002.

”The applied knowledge drawn from industry and underpinned by research was far superior to other global aviation management institutions,” he said.

Prof. Park is now Head of the Department of Aviation Management at Korea Aerospace University (KAU). In this notable role, Prof. Park has collaborated with the UNSW School of Aviation to establish a new dual degree. Under the program, students enrolled in KAU’s new aviation management degree will have the opportunity to integrate into UNSW’s Bachelor of Aviation (Management) in their second year. Upon completion, students will receive degrees from both institutions, reflecting their academic excellence and international perspective.

This collaboration enhances the academic offering of both institutions and fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences among students. KAU students benefit from exposure to UNSW’s renowned aviation program, while UNSW students gain insights from their counterparts at KAU, enriching their learning experience. 

UNSW Aviation, Head of School, Professor Brett Molesworth said the partnership would benefit both KAU and UNSW.

“Korea Aerospace University is a feeder school into Korean Air, Korea’s flagship carrier. This opportunity will open up global employability options for both the KAU students and their UNSW Sydney classmates as relationships will be forged during their time together here.” 

 - Prof Brett Molesworth

KAU students will also have the potential to study higher degrees such as Masters and PhDs at UNSW, furthering their education and leadership skills to support the strong aviation industry in Korea. 

Prof. Park’s ongoing relationship and professional regard for UNSW’s School of Aviation has proven pivotal in this partnership. He even sought out his PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Richard Wu, as well as the UNSW team at the School of Aviation, for guidance whilst constructing the new program at KAU and looking for an international partner.

“In my point of view, UNSW Aviation provided the best global program in aviation management. I looked at the UK, US, and Australia, but UNSW Aviation’s program stood out in relation to knowledge streams and practical input and knowledge underpinned by research,” Prof. Park said. “The opportunity to have an education from a global Top 20 university is limited for Korean students. This dual degree and partnership creates an opportunity for our students to study abroad and gain real world knowledge and skills, as well as enhance the quality of their aviation education.” 

Prof. Park also looked to the alumni community whilst building KAU’s teaching staff, recruiting three UNSW Aviation alum. This partnership is a testament to the continued respect for the UNSW Aviation program and its alumni. It also highlights the value of collaboration and alumni relationships in advancing academic excellence and fostering global connections. Through this initiative, both institutions reaffirm their commitment to shaping the future leaders of the aviation industry with unparalleled expertise and innovation.