Tristan Dwyer

Tristan Dwyer

Alumni career story

Senior Consultant, Analytics and Cognitive Deloitte

BAdvSci (Hons) ‘16 (Physics) – UNSW Science

From a UNSW Science student to a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, working in the area of Analytics and Cognitive, Tristan Dwyer has used his science degree and the hands-on skills he learned to land a role he’s truly passionate about. He advises businesses on their data strategy, builds predictive technologies and develops data governance practices. 

Tristan’s work spans various industries that utilise his data science skills. He’s helping organisations use data to address challenges and solve unique problems – for example, so banks can identify serious crimes like money laundering.

We spoke to Tristan about his experience at UNSW and how it has shaped his career. 

Why did you choose to study a science degree at UNSW? 

UNSW’s advanced science degree gave me the opportunity to blend practical project-based experience with academic research. I wanted a degree that would prepare me for the future, but still give me the flexibility and choice between academia and industry. 

What’s the most valuable thing you took away from your time at UNSW? 

The ability to collaborate. Problems in science and business aren’t solved in isolation. UNSW fostered an atmosphere of collaboration between students and across disciplines. It gave me the skills to communicate solutions to technical and non-technical team members with different backgrounds, which is valuable today. 

How has the hands-on experience you received at UNSW helped in your current role? 

The honours research project and practical nature of my degree taught me lessons I use every day. How to plan a project and manage a team’s time. How to communicate scientific concepts in straightforward language. Most importantly, how to deal with complexity. What to do when you’re stuck in a challenging problem and how to create the right framework to tackle it. 

How has your degree shaped your career? 

Science taught me to love learning, complex problems and teamwork. When I was looking for opportunities in the industry, it was a perfect match with data and consultancy. I wouldn’t have known about this career path or chosen it if it wasn’t for the structure and challenge of my science degree at UNSW. 

How do you get the most out of a science degree? 

Throw yourself in the deep end and engage with the degree! There are incredible opportunities to work on projects, join societies and intern with industry. My cohort had students working on top secret Department of Defence projects, building solar-powered racers, interning in businesses and having a blast at student society events. 

What advice would you give to a science degree graduate? 

Explore all your opportunities! STEM students are incredibly in demand in the workforce. By taking on a UNSW science degree, you’re future proofing your career and giving yourself the best chance of landing the exciting opportunity you want after university.