Coisotropic reduction can be regarded as a generalization of symplectic reduction. Given a symplectic manifold X of dimension 2n with symplectic form $\omega$, a submanifold Y of dimension at least n is coisotropic if $\omega|_Y$ has the smallest possible rank at every point of Y. The null directions of $\omega|_Y$ then induce a foliation F on Y and the space of leaves Y/F is a symplectic manifold of lower dimension.

In this talk we will consider coisotropic reduction in holomorphic symplectic geometry. The main difficulty is ensuring that the leaves of the foliation are compact, so that Y/F is well-defined. We will describe some examples and applications of holomorphic coisotropic reduction.


Prof. Justin Sawon

Research Area

Joint Colloquium


Colorado State University


Tue, 14/07/2009 - 12:00pm


Sydney University Carslaw 173