We analyse an exterior, elliptic stochastic contact problem where the Neumann data and the gap function are stochastic. We give a mixed formulation for the displacement and the Lagrange multipier representing the traction on the contact boundary in the Signorini Problem. With the tool of the Steklov-Poincare operator we rewrite the problem as a variational inequality which is uniquely solvable in appropriate Sobolev spaces. With a truncated Karhunen-Loeve expansion the problem is transformed into a deterministic but high dimensional one. Using biorthorgonal basis functions a discrete mixed FEM/BEM hp Galerkin scheme is constructed and solved with the semi-smooth Newton's method. A posteriori error estimates are given together with numerical experiments which underline our theoretical results.


Ernst P Stephan

Research Area

Computational Maths


Institute for Applied Mathematics, Leibniz Universtät, Hannover


Tue, 06/03/2012 - 11:00am to 12:00pm