Please note this seminar is at 11 am on Thursday 22 nd September

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has a long history of running supervised tests in  our computing labs to assess students' mathematical computing skills.

More recently, we have started to use the our computing labs for a broader range of assessment styles from tests of basic skills to short answer written response questions. To facilitate this and make it possible to run secure electronic exams in the lab without the help of computing centre staff, a new web interface to control the lab exam modes has been developed.

As well as demonstrating this new lab exam control portal we will discuss the why and how of its use last semester for the class tests in MATH1031 Mathematics for Life Science,  short written answer questions in SCIF1111 Perspectives in Medical Science and the concessional additional assessment in MATH1031 and MATH1131.


Jonathan Kress

Research Area

Director of First Year, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW


Thu, 22/09/2016 - 11:00am


RC-G012C Ground floor computer lab, The Red Centre, UNSW