For over two years now, various members of the school have worked together on designing mathematics outreach workshops for primary and secondary school students, motivated by promoting mathematical thinking rather than by introducing an amusing area or application of mathematics. In December 2019, Yudhi Bunjamin presented a talk on the team's behalf about some of the work done as part of this project at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society in the inaugural special session on inclusivity, diversity, and equity in mathematics. This talk went on to jointly win the B.H. Neumann Prize for the most outstanding talk delivered by a student at the Meeting.

In this seminar, Yudhi will replicate this B.H. Neumann Prize-winning talk entitled "Equity considerations and design of mathematics outreach to schools" which was joint work with Diana Combe, Michael Denes, Aditya Ganguly, Manzoor Khan and Aldhytha Karina Sari. This will be followed by a brief discussion about the history of the B.H. Neumann Prize. Finally, Yudhi will reflect on all the opportunities which have opened up after winning the prize and share some of the outreach work which has been done in the school this year.

The abstract of the B.H. Neumann Prize-Winning Talk can be found here https://register.austms.org.au/sys/public/talk.php?conf_id=44&talk=4910. 


Yudhistira A Bunjamin PhD Candidate

Research Area

Learning and Teaching


UNSW Sydney



Mon, 16/11/2020 - 1:00pm


Zoom meeting (see below)