Date: Thursday 11 August 2022


Rational approximation (that is, approximation by a ratio of two polynomials) is a flexible alternative to polynomial approximation. In particular, rational functions exhibit accurate estimations to nonsmooth and non-Lipschitz functions, where polynomial approximations are not efficient. In this talk, we discuss the quasiconvexity property of the optimisation problems appearing in univariate rational Chebyshev approximation and its generalisation to a ratio of linear combinations of basis functions. This fact can be used in the development of computational methods. Then we apply our approximation as a preprocessing step to classify EEG signals and demonstrate that the classification accuracy is significantly improved compared to the classification of the raw signals.


Vinesha Peiris


Deakin University


Thursday 11 August 2022, 11 am


RC-4082 and online via Zoom (Link below; password: 704577)