Date: Friday 23rd Feb 2024


Internal gravity waves are a coherent and ubiquitious part of both the oceans and atmosphere. In the coastal ocean, internal waves often assume large amplitude, coherent forms often referred to as internal solitary-like waves. I will discuss the mathemtical description of such waves, pointing out that many textbook discussions are a bit dated, with more accurate, modern theories accessible on even laptop computers. I will then present a couple of different case studies of the computation of time dependent phenomena related to internal waves. Here I will focus on direct numerical simulation (DNS) so that the results may be compared with experiments, in an effort to identify mechanisms that would give us a language to interpret geographically sparse field measurements. I will conclude with several avenues for future work.


Marek Stastna

Research Area

Applied Mathematics


University of Waterloo


Friday 23rd Feb 2024


Anita B. Lawrence 4082 and online via Zoom (Link below; password: 142725)