Tuesday, 21-May-2024 


Fourier decoupling theory was first introduced by Thomas Wolff in 2000. Since the proof of decoupling for the paraboloid by Bourgain and Demeter in 2014, decoupling has had a wide range of applications in analytic number theory, geometric measure theory, and PDE. For example, in 2015, the long standing main conjecture in Vinogradov's Mean Value Theorem, a conjecture about the number of integer solutions to a particular system of equations, was proven by Bourgain, Demeter, and Guth as a corollary of Fourier decoupling for the moment curve. In this talk, I will try to explain important features that make decoupling effective and explain various tools and techniques used when trying to prove and think about decoupling estimates.


Zane Li 

Research area

Pure Mathematics


North Carolina State University


Tuesday 21 May 2024, 12:05 pm


Room 4082, Anita B. Lawrence