Our regular seminar program covers a broad range of topics from applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics. All staff and students are welcome. 


  • Fri 23 Feb Marek Stastna (University of Waterloo)

    A brief tour of the description and simulation of ....

  • Tue 27 Feb Daryl Cooper (University of California Santa Barbara)

    Symmetry, old and new

  • Thu 29 Feb Jim Hill (University of South Australia)

    Mathematical modelling of particle-wave mechanical systems

  • Tue 5 Mar Jeremie Guilhot (University de Tours)

    Recognizing Kazhdan-Lusztig cells using representations

  • Wed 6 Mar Alexander Fish (University of Sydney)

    On the volumes of simplices in sets of positive density in Z

  • Wed 6 Mar Siddharth Iyer (UNSW Sydney)

    Rational Approximation with digit-restricted denominators