MATH5515 is a Honours and Postgraduate coursework Mathematics course. The Topic title is Analytic Number Theory.   Complex analysis will be a pre-requisite for this course and all other tools will be developed as needed.

Units of credit: 6

Prerequisites: MATH2521 or MATH2621 Complex Analysis.

Cycle of offering: Term 1 

Graduate attributes: The course will enhance your research, inquiry and analytical thinking abilities. 

More information:   The Course outline will be made available closer to the start of term - please visit this website: www.unsw.edu.au/course-outlines     

Analytic Number Theory topics will include

·       The Riemann zeta-function, arithmetic functions and Dirichlet Series.

·       Analytic Properties of the zeta-function and Functional Equation, Poisson Summation Formula, Properties of the Gamma function.

·       Integral Functions of Order 1, the Hadamard Product.

·       The Gamma function.

·       Zero-free Regions of the zeta-function.

·       Distribution of complex zeros of the zeta-function.

·       The Explicit Formula.

·       The Prime Number Theorem.

·       Hardy's Theorem.

·       Primes in Arithmetic Progressions

Important additional information as of 2023

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The online handbook entry contains information about the course. (The timetable is only up-to-date if the course is being offered this year.)

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Course overview

This is an introductory course on the Riemann zeta-function, in which the methods and results of complex analysis will be used extensively. We will build our knowledge of this function and arrive at the prime number theorem. Time permitting, a number of other important results will be introduced as well. The following is a list of topics that will be covered:

  • The Riemann zeta-function
  • Entire Functions of Finite Order
  • The Gamma Function
  • Distribution of the Complex Zeros
  • The Explicit Formula
  • The Zero-Free Region
  • The Prime Number Theorem
  • Hardy's Theorem
  • Primes in Arithmetic Progressions