All during-term assessment marks will be recorded on the Mathematics database and be made available via the University's learning management system (e.g. Moodle) normally within ten working days of the assessment being due, or the end of the study vacation period, whichever is the earlier. 

All marks will be available only to the student to whom they are allocated. In addition, a small amount of information on the distribution of marks for all the students in the course may also be made available. (Note that the distribution will only be for those marks that have already been entered, so may not be accurate until a week or so after the marks are first displayed.)

Students are to check their recorded marks promptly and inform the Course Convenor if there is any error or omission. This must be done no later than the first Friday after classes finish. Any request to correct a mark that is received after exams start will not be accepted even if there is an error.

Final marks and grades in all courses will be available from the University at a date that is announced. Final Exam marks will not be separately released.

Additional Assessment/Supplementary Exams will only be given for approved Special Consideration applications through myUNSW. The decision on the outcome of any Special Consideration application is made by a team in The Hub and no longer made by the School.

Students are now emailed from the Exams Branch as to when their Additional Assessment/Supplementary Exam will be held. You must be available during the Supplementary Exam period.